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Virtual advantages

Experience the Evolution of Precision Ball Flight & Club Head Tracking

Full Swing Golf has developed a third generation extension to its existing infrared tracking system. Utilizing a single high-speed camera to focus solely on ball spin and club head data, Full Swing Golf has truly mastered the art and science of ball flight.

Get Intimate with Your Swing…

Understand Your Swing

With intuitive club head data, Ion2 Vision Technology gives you club head speed, club face angle, and club path information with an intuitive on-screen illustration of your club, so you can better understand your swing.

Take Ball Spin Seriously

Ion2 collects real-time spin data, including back spin, side spin, and spin axis. Displaying spin rates on screen allows you to make better equipment choices and shot decisions.

Work the Ball Your Way

Full Swing Golf prides itself on ball flight accuracy and realism of the golf shot. Focusing only on ball spin and club head, Ion2 allows the ball path to be shaped exactly as if it were outdoors.

Only full swing golf combines infrafed and camera technologies

Dual technologies give you the most realistic ball flight available.

Infrared technology measures ball speed, launch, angle, and direction

At the speed of light, Full Swing Golf’s infrared tracking system actually measures the golf ball’s speed, launch angle and direction instantly. No other measurement device or technology can measure these ball flight characteristics more accurately or rapidly… period.

Camera technology displays ball spin and club head data

Full Swing Golf’s dedicated high-speed camera displays ball spin characteristics such as back spin, side spin and spin axis… without extra markings on the ball. This camera also captures extensive club head data such as club speed, club path and club face angle.

Improve on Every Game

The full swing simulation experience offers the opportunity to study your swing and improve on your decisions in the game.


Virtual booths accommodate up to 6 people. Challenge yourself with a group or take advantage of  keeping the booth to yourself.


If you are unfamiliar with playing virtual golf, do not fret! The Boga staff are here to assist you and help you get to know the booth. Introduction to Virtual Golf sessions are available within our workshops or you can book a one on one session.

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