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Stationary skating lessons 

Enhance hockey-specific power and technique with our professional-calibre treadmill skating programs, while at the same time building aerobic capacity. Our team of Instructors will evaluate your hockey biomechanics and guide you through drills to correct and improve skating mechanics, stick handling and fitness.

This year we are offering a new holiday special for the skating treadmill, buy 10 lessons and receive 2 for FREE!! Available till the end of December, 2016

Blade Skating Treadmill Pricing

Private 30 Minute Sessions:

  • 1 session – $35
  • 5 sessions – $165
  • 10 sessions – $320


Group 60 Minute Sessions

  • 1 session – $25
  • 5 sessions – $115
  • 10 sessions – $230



From:  Bob de la Salle

I have been a hockey coach for a long time and have always had problems teaching kids the proper stride. You can explain everything to kids and they think they are doing it right, but they aren’t.  My grandson just could not get it, until he saw himself in the mirror while working on his stride on the Blade Skating Treadmill.  Not only was he able to correct his stride, he gained much needed leg strength and balance. Blair Oko and Brian Shackel did an outstanding job.

Bob de la Salle
NCCP Level  V Hockey Coach
Canadian Amateur Hockey Association (Hockey Canada)